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Facebook is known as the largest social networking site on the internet and cases of hacking has been the talk of the gurus on the net. Yes, you can surprise your friend or enemies by hacking their facebook account.
Last year, I wrote on this hacking method which is the simplest and easiest way ever to hack facebook account, there are other ways of doing it.

My last tutorial which looks like this have some fault in mt explanation and many readers had been asking tones of questions about it. The first tutorial on how to hack facebook account with wapka site can be found here

I have no choice than to re-write and update the tutorial for you so you can know more about this.

NOTE: This is for educational purpose and I am not responsible for anything you do with this tutorial

Steps to hack somebody's facebook account

Go to and create an account that will look like facebook site (e.g

After creating an account.. Go to Edit Site > and Create a Simple forum, name it anything you want and keep it in admin mode... and note your forum id

To keep a forum in admin mode... Go to Edit Site > Users > Users Visibility > The Select the one you want to hide and click on the x sign.

After this... Go to Edit Site again > Html/Wml > Then copy and paste the code below it the text box.

NOTE: CHANGE FORUM ID XXXX TO YOUR FORUM ID in the above code to your own forum id and submit the code..

Now your fake facebook site is created and ready to use.

Demo: Click here to see demo version

NOTE: This is for educational purpose and I am not responsible for anything you do with this tutorial

Send a fake message to your victim that will look like you are sending from facebook >> Click here to read on how to send fake emails as facebook 

Then create a nice email like this:

"Your account has compromised the user policy on facebook and it will be blocked and deleted in 24hours if you fail to recover your account through our verification page here >>"

NOTE: This is for educational purpose and I am not responsible for anything you do with this tutorial

You can shortened your site address or you can hide it with an html like this < a href=''>< / a >

Note: Remove the space in btw "<" and "a" and the space btw < / a >

Probably your friend or victim will click on the link and once he/she login through that your clone site. The person email and password will be save inside the forum you created. To retrieve email and password of victims. Just sign in to your wapka control panel and go to the forum.

NOTE: This is for educational purpose and I am not responsible for anything you do with this tutorial 

Latest Update: (9th April, 2013)

Login to using your site username. Click on Settings    >> Edit Text >> Forum/Chat and edit the following:

Name = Email or Phone

Text = Password

and save it.

Finally, you are done.

Incase of difficulty.. pls use the comment box below. 

Latest Update: 7th May 2013
I received many comment concerning the code. I have updated it and it is working perfectly now.
Remove the XXXXXX in the forum code and use your own forum code.

If there is any problem or difficulties, please comment below. 


  1. Replies
    1. syntax error when i submit the xtml/wmhl code, please help, i also remove XXXXXX then put my forum id and will not working its appear syntax error, please help thank u

    2. Code updated... Copy it and try again. Thanks

  2. Bro i have a site in wapka can u creat a fake facebook login page for me if yes then reply on my email id

    1. If you follow the tutorial above, you will surely get it.

  3. em still rep'in Donvin and chattersbeat!

  4. sir i done all setups but its not showing login fiels for facebook.plz see my site and give me reply site is and contact me at

  5. Dear sir i'm always getting syntax error.i needed it in any cost.plz miss call my number +917376451477
    then i will call back you.u can also sand me correct code.or plz make a fake code for me.

  6. Hi I have followed all these steps and I have noticed that the fields where you are supposed to login into facebook on are not showing please help

  7. Hey folks
    I've been following that the tutor is saying and how people are/not understanding.The tutor i right only that you are not understanding in some few parts.
    But'gonna try to stress the point somewhere. You shud first go to you account if you got then>site you created>settings>edit txt>forum/chat. The very last part of what the tutor said has all of how/where to fill in the form's fields that you find there(forum/chat). Now go to your site via Adimin mode then follow these;create a forum and you must note its ID. Then go to Edit site>wml/xhml, now paste the code he gave above. Now this the last part that's causing headache. There is ': f o r u m- x x x x x x x/ s m a l l f o r m /0:'' in which you need to notice how contents btwn : and :are spaced out. To remove spaces mean the above quote shud look like;'' :forum-xxxxxxx/ smallform/0:'' then the finishing is just a relief, just replace the ''xxxxxxxx'' with the forum ID. Note: to see the forum ID, Just click on the forum link on your site's homepage and check it on the bottom. Still behind? Here is my email; Thank ya

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  10. I hav done d site it iz very simple but how can i send fake email as facebook

  11. my wapka email does not get verified plz help

  12. Wrong code again
    when i'm using it there is no place for typing pasword and email

  13. I almost done but the problem when i click on my wapsite on my other id's it is nt showing enter your email and password

  14. How to hide my site address with html?
    plz plz explain it.

  15. there is no enter your email and password option there is ''text'' and subit option is there...please help

  16. where is control panel. :/

  17. Victim gets error with my link and in my browser its work complately so help me for this


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