Saturday, 22 September 2012

Solution: We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 32. Please follow the settings instructions.

Since google/blogger enable the domain switching option, people had been facing one problem or the other and one of this is "
We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 32. Please follow the settings instructions."

Are you facing this same problem? Here is the solution to tackle the general problem caused by changes in google/blogger DNS Settings.

If you know how to set up your DNS configuration to point to blogger, you will know that we only use one CNAME, which is Name: [www] and the Destination or Target: [].

But now google/blogger added another CNAME which is more of verifying you as the owner of the blog.

How to  get the second CNAME

To get the second CNAME, you need to login to your blogger account at, then click on the blog you want to switch its domain to enter your dashboard.

Then Go to Settings > Basic and then click on "+Add a custom Domain" and type in your new domain then click on "Settings Instruction".

A pop up will ask you if you want to leave the page. Click one "Leave this Page" then on the next page click on "On a top Level Domain" then your second CNAME or I will call it a verification CNAME that looks like this Name: [some codes] and the Destination or Target: [gv-[security code]]. This codes are generated just for your blog so don't copy any code from anywhere.

Copy the Second CNAME and insert it into your DNS Management in your hosting providers CPANEL and wait for 1 or 2 hours for it to be activated.

Go back to your Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Basic and +add a custom Domain and your new domain is at work.

Note: If you are still seeing the same error, check the tutorial again from the top and make sure you did not miss any step.


  1. Hello,

    How can I do if my registrar is not blogger but eNOM? Because when I put (gv-[security code]] as Destination or target, they say that it's wong and that it should be an adress IP.
    How can I do please and how do I find this IP adress?
    My blog is and custom is
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Plurielle,

      Your CNAME configuration dont need IP address but if you are configuring your A-record, then you can set up for A-records pointing to all Google IP.

      This is optional but you need it.

  2. great info, you've helped revolve my issue. Thanks!

  3. You helped me not going mad. THANK YOU!
    I wrote a german version for this solution...
    Deutsche Version:

    1. Walid,

      You are welcome, and that's nice of you writing it in a new version

  4. hey bro, my domain provider is dot tk, i got a pr3 domain, filehouse tk, now due to above problem i shifted to WP, plz tell me some solution for dot tk

  5. thanks alot for this u save my breathe i came back to say thanks here is my blog webstarlodge

  6. Thank You! You have saved my sanity! It worked!

  7. Hello bro, I follow your all instructions, but my problem is not solve. Please tell me, where is wrong?

  8. Thank you for this. Ive successfully map my blogspot address to my purchased domain!

  9. hello bro.. plz help me i put all the Cname record and Arecord but he not working plzz help me yeahhh..

  10. thank you so much! my problem is solved! Happy New year!

  11. I have already done it. But thanks for your information. you may visit my blog.=>

  12. please i can't see the second CNAME

  13. my domain is not working yet


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